AMETHYST & CITRINE NATURAL SHAPED POINT - calming, third eye, wealth 5 cms #c

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AMETHYST & CITRINE NATURAL SHAPED POINT - calming, third eye, wealth 5 cms #c

You will receive the lovely Amethyst point and Citrine point in the photographs and these measure app. 5 cms (citrine) and 3.5 cms (amethyst twin point) long and weigh a combined total of app. 34.09 gms.

The Greeks believed amethyst to be a powerful antidote to drunkeness - "amethustos" means to be sober and both the Greeks and the Romans would make goblets from amethyst to guard against the effects of excessive wine. Amethyst is actually one of the most effective crystals for all round healing work and it is believed that it can even charge other crystals with its healing powers. An excellent crystal for the third eye chakra, helping with intuition and psychic work. When kept under your pillow or worn at night, many have found that it helps to relieve insomnia and prevent nightmares.

Citrine is called the stone of Mercury, the Roman messenger god and it is said that Citrine holds the pure clear sunlight of the early morning, and therefore is unable to absorb any negativity. Wearing Citrine can help to combat a depressive illness or phobia, and assist clear thinking. It has been found that Citrine can assist animals, especially rescued ones in settling into a new home. Citrine is said to attract wealth and prosperity and brings joie de vivre to our life