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These chip bead bracelets are elasticated and fit most wrists. We make these bracelets ourselves.

The Greeks believed amethyst to be a powerful antidote to drunkeness - "amethustos" means to be sober and both the Greeks and the Romans would make goblets from amethyst to guard against the effects of excessive wine. Amethyst is actually one of the most effective crystals for all round healing work and it is believed that it can even charge other crystals with its healing powers. When kept under your pillow or worn at night, many have found that it helps to relieve insomnia and prevent nightmares.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and fortitude, it has calming energies and reduces stress and quietens the mind. Aquamarine harmonises its surroundings and protects against pollutants. Back in ancient times it was thought to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favour from the spirits of light. Aqua was carried by sailors to protect them from drowning. Aquamarine is useful for sore throats and glands. It can harmonise the pituitary and thyroid regulating hormones and growth. Aqua can act as a general tonic and can also help the organs, eyes, jaw and teeth and stomach. It is an excellent stone for assisting with release and self-love.

Please note we can make matching necklaces and earrings for all of these bracelets. If you cannot see them listed separately please let us know if you want to order these and we can make them for you.

OVERSEAS BUYERS - We charge the minimum Royal Mail Airmail overseas rates for postage HOWEVER, we combine postage charges and in fact we only charge one lot of postage irrespective of how many bracelets you purchase. Postage is FREE on additional purchases.

SIZE - Please note we make these bracelets to a standard 8" - if you require your bracelets to be a different size then please advise us on purchase.