BLUE TIGER EYE TUMBLESTONE - courage, confidence - HAWK'S EYE - 2.5 cms across

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BLUE TIGER EYE TUMBLESTONE - courage, confidence - HAWK'S EYE - 2.5 cms across

You will receive a single Blue Tiger Eye tumblestone from those in the photo. These measure approx. 2.5 to 3 cms across. Blue Tiger Eye is also known as Hawk's Eye.

History tells us that Roman Soldiers believed that carrying a Tiger's Eye would increase their courage in battle. It is a symbol of inner strength, encourages optimism, enhances creativity and aids concentration. Tiger Eye anchors subtle changes into the physical body, increases confidence and reduces nervousness. It prompts admiration for the pure and the beautiful and soothes and allows you to be uninhibited.

Tiger's Eye is said to reduce cravings for excess drugs tobacco, alcohol or food. It treats disorders of the eyes, the throat, the reproductive system and diverticular constrictions. Tiger Eye aids night vision, focuses energy to meet challenges and balances yin-yang energy. It also aids the digestive system, strengthens the alignment of the spinal column and helps with the mending of broken bones.

When faced with an attack by someone who is in a position of power or who has an emotional influence over you it is said to have protective properties. It is also said to enhance psychic abilities. Blue Tiger Eye is also beneficial to the throat chakra and is also a useful aide to communication skills, especially those who speak in public.