LOVELY AMETHYST CLUSTER - 7.5 x 6.8 cms 185 gms - charging bed - third eye

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LOVELY AMETHYST CLUSTER - 10 x 6.5 cms 202 gms - charging bed - third eye

The photos are of the actual natural flat bed cluster of Amethyst crystals that you will receive and this measures app. 10 x 6.5 cms and weighs app. 202 gms.

The Greeks believed amethyst to be a powerful antidote to drunkeness - "amethustos" means to be sober and both the Greeks and the Romans would make goblets from amethyst to guard against the effects of excessive wine.

Amethyst is said to be one of the most effective crystals for all round healing work and it is believed that it can even charge other crystals with its healing powers. When kept under your pillow or worn at night, many have found that it helps to relieve insomnia and prevent nightmares.

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for the Third Eye chakra, stimulating and boosting intuition, psychic powers and development.